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İGE A.Ş. stands as a financial institution in Turkey, driven by a commitment to redefine the landscape of export financing. Our fundamental purpose revolves around facilitating essential financial support for exporters, with the aim of simplifying the often complex and challenging process of securing funding. With a keen understanding of the unique financing needs of exporters, we are dedicated to providing them with innovative and accessible solutions that align with their goals and aspirations.

In line with our vision, we aspire to become a central pillar in bolstering the export industry. We recognize that exporters are at the heart of production, employment, and overall economic development in our nation. To achieve this vision, we have developed the İGE web application, a responsive platform designed to offer contemporary and user-friendly financial solutions. This platform represents our unwavering commitment to modernize and streamline the financial support ecosystem for our valued clients and the broader export community.

website & responsive Web application for finance

website & responsive Web application for finance


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