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We are a full-service agency, busy designing and building enchanting digital products, brands, and experiences. We specialize in helping startups and young companies grow. We don't claim to know everything, but we know everything about helping big brands think about even bigger ideas. There is a pile of energy accumulated in us, we spray it into the work we do, and the result is good work and happy customers at the end of the day.


#Visual benchmarking #Style exploration #Brand strategy #Identity development #Visual language #Art direction #Brand guidelines #Competitive benchmarking
#Analytical data review

We start the process with an in-depth discovery and analysis process where we look into what your brand is and stands for. We also conduct a competitive analysis to understand the trends in the market segment and how to ensure your identity stands apart.
From creating brand names or slogans which help you stand out from the competition and own your space, to creating extensive brand guidelines and design systems which enable you to speak and deliver with a clear and consistent brand message. We create the rules, the guidelines and the parameters in which you can grow and thrive.
Without a clear strategy it is hard to build a brand because a brand needs a master plan. It doesn’t need to take a year to develop, and you don’t have to anticipate all the turns, hills, and stop signs ahead – but a strategy and a framework are essential to springboard a brand into the market. We work side-by-side with our clients using KPIs and tactics to develop the big picture.
We do not deny the fact that the value of a brand is measured by our behavior. And as people, we are attracted to beauty and authenticity. Hypeople provides practical creative solutions to build your brand and boost its visual identity in an impactful way that stays true to its personality and core values. We make it ownable.


#User research #Persona development #User flows and journeys #Wireframes #Marketing websites #Digital products #Dashboards & User Interfaces # Mobile apps #Design systems #Prototyping & Testing
We gather the necessary information to discover insights into the people, cultures, brands, markets, trends, and technology related to your industry. Research outputs allow us to make propositions that can compete and be shattering in your marketplace.
Our conversion-focused interface designs provide an engaging and easy-to-understand way for your visitors to learn more about your brand and choose your services.
Your product can be complex, and its complexity can’t be solved with the beauty of minimalist UI. Making products simple takes proper planning.
We aim to create a good physical and emotional communication between the product, service, and the user. Our goal is to anticipate the needs and wants of the people using a product, to create a sustainable interaction where the user can achieve their goals in the most ideal way while using a product or service.


#Front-end development #Website development #Responsive interface development #Angular, Vue.js, React framework’s usage #Content Management integrations #SPECIAL CMS build #Custom WordPress Theme Blocks
We believe that the key success of an app depends on its ability to run smoothly everywhere and be consistent across various form factors. Dynamic, responsive, and beautiful, our custom-tailored HTML-based solutions push the web to the limits that were considered solely stand-alone application premises before.
Our back-end solutions come protected with the most reliable mechanisms (ensuring data protection both in-transit and at-rest) and can securely transmit data between heterogeneous components of your systems or apps.
We create mobile applications of any complexity for B2C and B2B use cases. Our clients come from many different industries. Over the years, we’ve built up specific knowledge and expertise in creating applications for the following niches.
After the delivery of the software projects we have prepared, we provide maintenance and support to our clients.

Commitment to the highest quality production standards, a broad expertise, and a genuine strive to help our clients have secured us strategic cooperation with market-leading companies in many sectors and regions.

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