Virgosol is a company that aims to produce solutions that contribute and make a difference with its software testing area-oriented resource management and automation services.

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The Challenge

Building a brand is difficult, but rebranding an existing brand can sometimes be even more difficult. Because most things have been tried and trying the untried can be risky.
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The Solution

Involving the whole team is the biggest thing we take care of while determining the brand strategy and brand heart. After designing a workshop with the team and getting to know people, it feels much more realistic and sincere to identify them. A workshop during the pandemic period? Nothing is impossible. Thanks to the rooms and co-working spaces we created in Figma, we organized a very successful workshop remotely. They said that they had never experienced anything like this before and that they were very productive.

Brand Identity

Every solution produced in the Virgosol testing universe illuminates people’s worlds. There is no question of shelving or postponing the problems. Customers whose problems have been fixed indicate each solved problem with a check mark. A checkmark is a positive symbol of comfort.

After looking at the logos and colors of the competitors, we needed to get a more meaningful look on the basis of components, so we had to go out of line but at the same time create a character that spoke well of itself.

At the same time, these strategies should not go beyond the company values and should have a part of them. We drew a lot, revised a lot, but in the end we were able to give life to that new star that will shine in the universe.

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After one month of collaboration, we have successfully launched the new Virgosol brand. The new identity, visual strategy, and style guide system will allow Virgosol to target a more upscale market with more confidence. Now they have an identity that is people-friendly, quirky, charming, and uniquely Virgosol.

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