Canik Arms

Canik Arms is a company that aims to design, develop and manufacture innovative weapons with international sales potential in the lowest and highest segments of the light weapons c

Canik Arms
Product Design, Product Development
The Challenge
There was a previously tried UI design, but it was not liked by them. We reworked the whole mobile application. Our concerns about the deadline were high because we had a tough job to do.
The Solution
We designed an easy-to-use interface by talking to customers by using and improving the user stories already sent to us. We have made the application more useful by highlighting the pages that they have not seen before, that they do not realize are in the application, and that may actually be very useful for them. We removed the hamburger menu and validated it with the design sprint. Based on the insights from user interviews, we removed a few unused pages. We guided users with simple short steps rather than long steps.
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Frame 7468
Although the application was designed, we started the wireframe process from the beginning because the user experience was very bad. In the wireframe, we turned user flows into detailed prototypes. We created a focus group of five gun users and tested these flows on them. We recorded the tests and obtained main learning from them and revised the wireframes. As soon as we thought we had fully met the user insights, we moved on to UI design. We used Canik Arms colors in the application. Since the shot timer is the most important element of the application, we placed it as the primary button in the main menu and while doing this, we were inspired by the stopwatch and camera experiences of the phones.
Frame 7490
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Frame 7491
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Dribbble Shot #3
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Frame 7480
As a result of research, we have created the most useful shot timer application on the market. While previously opening the shot timer in five steps, now the user can come to this tab in two steps.
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